Thursday, March 02, 2006

Puke, puke and more puke

I had a big post planned for today about Linda Hirshman and my take on her declaration about SAHM's. But last night Pumpkin started vomiting and everything else stopped.

We knew something was up, she had sick breath the last few days - you know that smell that gives away something is coming. When I smell that breath on Mr. P I start forcing echinecia down his throat, and he likewise warns me when I get sick breath so I can dose myself up. But since she can not pop pills yet we were left only waiting with Pumpkin, hoping it would just be a cold. Then last night we were sitting on the couch reading when we heard a strange cough followed by a cry over the baby monitor. I knew immediately that she had puked. We both ran upstairs to find a baby covered in her own vomit. I took pumpkin and cleaned her up while Mr. P changed her sheets. We then put her back in bed and waited. About 11:00 I woke up to Mr. P jumping out of bed, she had puked again. This time was less, and baby wipes took care of the cleanup. Then nothing all night. I was hopeful this morning when I got her out of bed, till she started to dry heave. Then I knew it would be no calm day.

I skipped cereal this morning and gave pumpkin a bottle, just hoping to keep her hydrated. She drank half and then laid down on my chest. After about 15 minutes I put her down so I could pee, and just as I unbuttoned my pants I heard the unmistakable sound of vomit. I ran out of the bathroom, pants hanging off my hips, to find her sitting in a puddle of puke. My poor baby had puke running out her nose. She just looked at me and whimpered. My poor baby...

A bit later I decided to try again and gave her the rest of her bottle. She drank it greedily and laid back down on my chest. Less than 5 minutes later the milk came back up. All over her, all over me, all over the couch. Amazing how I normally start heaving at even the sound of puke, but I sat there covered in her vomit only calmly stroking her back and telling her it was OK. Only after comforting her and changing her and cleaning the couch did I notice the vomit dripping off my body. Only then did I decide it was best to just change back into my PJs - it is definitely going to be one of those days...

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