Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hippo Diet

I am joining in on The Queen of Spain's Hippo Diet. As I discussed a few posts back, while I have managed to loose my pregnancy pounds, I somehow have a fat pocket sitting in that area under my belly button. My goal is to loose an inch off this area. I do not pretend to think I can do this in just one month (hell if it was this easy it would be gone already right?), but to be rid of it before Pumpkin turns 1 in May.

The queen requests that I post a photo of myself, but not having a recent shot I prefer to post what I want to look like again. This is a shot of me the day I got my positive pregnancy test, when at 4 weeks Pumpkin was simply a bunch of dividing cells. This is the belly (or lack there of) that I want back.

Since Pumpkin passed her stomach bug onto me I am already off to a good start. Three days of no eating means I am already 3 lbs lighter!

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