Friday, March 17, 2006

A bit quiet

I know I have been a bit quiet lately. There actually is a lot going on right now, and I would love to write about it all, but there seems to be a sort of traffic jam in my head since every time I sit down to write a post nothing comes out.

Many of you were surprised that we had not yet informed Mr. P's parents of the move. Since this is his family I left all timing up to Mr. P, and he wanted to wait until there was no doubt in our heads of the move. I fully understood and supported this. Mr. P is very close with his family and he knew how hard this news would be taken, there was no reason to be premature. However since we have moved onto hiring a realtor he needed to tell them ASAP. So Wednesday evening after work he went to his folks for dinner and told them of our plans. Needless to say there were many tears and afterwards much silence. They not only were upset that we were leaving, but also saw our plans as foolishly risky. They could not understand how we could give up everything we have - a house, a good job, and enough security which allows me to stay at home - to move to somewhere where we have no home or form of work waiting for us (as of now). We know it will all work out, and we know we need to take the risk, but it is not easy to explain to anyone, especially those who are hurt most by the news. Mr. P came home that night feeling terrible. He felt like an awful person - an ass hole in his own words. He is feeling a bit better now. I just hope they are comming to terms with the news.

Yesterday we met with three realtors, and after weighing them against each other we decided on the one we would hire. It seems the market is not as good as we had thought and we will not be asking as much as we had hoped, but the news was not bad either. He seemed to think we should be able to sell relatively quick, and that the expectation of leaving in September is not crazy early. The realtor is putting together our contract and after we sign he will take photos for the brochures, internet sites and advertisements. I expect the house to be on the market before April 1st. Keep your fingers crossed we get lots of good offers very quick!

I have to go now though, Pumpkin has a icky cold and I have to go fight her to wipe the crusty boogers from her face. I promise to post sooner rather than later!

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