Monday, February 13, 2006

We made it!

We arrived in San Francisco - and in one piece. Actually the flight went amazingly well despite the fact that Pumpkin slept only 1 hour total from the time we woke her in the morning till the time she was placed in her carseat in the rental car in San Francisco. By the end of the flight even the young stewards were coming to hold my lil lady. She barely cried at all, and smiled at every single person to look her way. And then, as if she had not already convinced me that she was the perfect child, she has proceeded to sleep through the night (with only a few night mumbles) from the first evening here. How could I have got so lucky? I will not be having any more children, Pumpkin is an absolute angel, so any subsequent child would have to be the devil himself!

I almost cried as I drove through San Francisco to the Golden Gate on my way to my mom's house. I am so happy we will be moving back here. There is an air and a feel to that city that calls to me. I wish I could just stay and not have to go back to Holland at all! And the weather! It is absolutely gorgeous! I have not worn my jacket since we arrived, and today Pumkin was at the park with bare legs and arms! Oh how I love the California climate - why did I ever leave!

Pumpkin has been spoiled already, and everyone dotes on her completely. She is really enjoying herself, and it is great to see her get all excited when my mom walks into the room. My grandparents are also under their great grandbaby's charm, they could not get enough of her squeals today. I am seeing my dad tomorrow, and while that is always a bit difficult and strained it will be nice to see him with Pumpkin again. Other than that no real plans, just chilling and shopping and visiting with old friends. Hope all is well with my blogworld pals!

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