Saturday, February 25, 2006

Heading Home

We are flying back to Holland tomorrow. While this has been a wonderful trip, with great weather and lots of company, I am happy to be heading home. I miss my husband terribly and I miss having my own things around me - doing things in my own way at my own pace. It is always hard staying with other people in their homes, especially when that person is my mother. It seems no matter how old I am, even if I have my own kids, I will always be reduced back to the feeling of a child when at my mother's house.

But the best thing about going home now is that the timeline for our move really starts to pick-up. Mr. P has been busy fixing up all those little things at the house, and in a few weeks we will be calling realtors. The house across from us just sold in less than a week for a VERY good price so we are optimistic that we will be able to sell the house and move by September as planned. The next time I arrive in California we will not be visiting but moving-in. So leaving is not so hard this time, knowing that we will be back soon for good.

Goodbye California, will be back very soon....

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