Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Army crawl or wounded soldier?

I am absolutely giddy with sleep! I slept 11 whole hours last night, and my body is unsure of how to handle this much rest. I can not sit still, I feel like I have downed 4 grande double mocas! Ah, sleep, how I missed you...

In other non sleep related news, Pumpkin started to do the army crawl. To me it looks less like a solder crawling stealthily past the enemy unnoticed and more like a soldier seriously wounded dragging his crippled body to safety. I can not help but laugh as Pumpkin joyfully drags all 18lbs of her weight by one arm. I know I have been wanting her to do this for a while, and have even had those fleeting comparison moments of: "but Joey is crawling already!", however now that my daughter is able to get from point A to point B without any assistance from mama, I am regretting how much I longed for this milestone. Before I can even sit down and have one sip of coffee I have yelled "No!" across the room at least 10 times, rescued Pumpkin from under a dining room chair, saved the cat from certain death by drooling and detached my daughters claws from the speaker cables. This is only going to get worse huh?

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