Thursday, January 12, 2006


Mr. P got a phone call last night from a friend of ours. An old friend of his from university lost his wife yesterday. Tuesday she was fine, and Wednesday he was making the awful gut wrenching decision to detach her from life support. She was 31, a mother of a young son, and pregnant with her second child, due in June. It is all so tragic. One day she was planning her new baby’s nursery, perhaps picking out names for the child stirring inside her, the next day she was gone. The doctors think she had an unseen heart defect, a sleeping giant, which in one fell swoop took her life. I never met this woman or Mr. P’s old university friend, but I can not stop crying. I cried last night in bed, and this morning in the shower. I am trying now to type through eyes blurred with tears. I just keep thinking of her family. Her parents who lost their daughter and unborn grandchild, a grief no parent should ever know. Her husband who lost his wife and unborn child, left to raise his other child without the woman he loved. Mostly I keep thinking of that that poor poor baby who will never be held by his mother again. She will never teach him to tie his shoes, will never walk him to his first day of school. She will not ever be there again to read him a story, to tuck him into bed. She will never see him graduate, or walk down the isle. She will not see him grow up into the man she saw in his eyes. He may not even remember the woman who gave him life, who loved him with every part of her being. Maybe it is better that she never knew what hit her, never knew she would be leaving her child. I don’t think I could handle that knowledge.

Life is so fragile, so precious. It can be here one minute and gone the next. Go hug your children, kiss them and tell them you love them. Sit down and play with them, even if the chores are piling up on you. Let the dishes overflow in the sink, the vacuuming can wait. Tell your spouse, partner or lover how much they mean to you. Live each day as best you can, enjoy every moment because it is a gift, and we should never forget that.

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