Sunday, January 08, 2006

Tagged Again

KDubs tagged me, and now I must reveal 5 weird things about me. That should not be too hard, as I think I am pretty odd indeed. But I thought I would make this a bit more interesting and let Mr. P tell you 5 weird things about me. Italicized comments are mine.

1. She watches TV crooked, favoring the left eye. So it looks like she is facing something on the right of the TV, yet she really is watching the show. (Yes, this is true, I first had it pointed out to me when I was a teenager. I am not sure why I do this, but if I attempt to watch the TV strait-on, my eyes feel tired)

2. Whenever the good (scary, embarrassing or exciting) scenes in a movie or TV show come on, she runs out screaming "no, no, no! I can't watch this". (Guilty as charged - I am the worst with those horrible embarrassing moments that you can just see coming... I think I watched half of American Pie from the hallway)

3. She puts only 2-3 molecules of toothpaste on her toothbrush. (This is a slight exaggeration, we just disagree on how much toothpaste is necessary to clean teeth. I think that you only need enough to suds up your teeth, where Mr. P likes to cover his toothbrush with a huge stripe of paste like in the commercials.)

4. No one I know is in and out of the bathroom as quick as her. (That's me, the quickest pee in the west - One bathroom, 4 kids- explain it at all?)

5. She talks in her sleep, and can even have full conversations while actually unconscious. (Another one I can't deny. I have freaked out many people with this, including Mr. P when we first started "spending the night". I have heard it is very hard to tell that I am not awake. I have even been known to sit up in bed and start talking, and every so often even to walk in my sleep.)

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