Thursday, January 05, 2006

Mama doesn't like those kisses

Yesterday I was playing with Pumpkin, she was sitting, and I was lying on the floor, my head resting in her lap. She likes to pull my hair and stick her fingers in my mouth. I usually enjoy her explorations of my face, but yesterday her curiosity went too far. Giggling she leaned down closer to me and BIT MY NOSE! Let me tell you those four teeth are sharp. I jumped up, tears in my eyes. My little lady just bit me, and hard! I still had little tooth marks on my nose when Mr. P came home in the evening.

But did I learn my lesson? No, of course not! This morning I was again playing on the floor with Pumpkin, when I started to give her kisses. With my face in front of hers I puckered up and said “give mama some kisses”. She giggled, and to my surprise threw her arms towards me, leaned forward and wrapped her lips around my lower lip. Shocked, I did it again, and again she leaned forward and wrapped her lips around mine! Ah, the joy of a mother whose kisses are returned! She did it twice more to my utter disbelief when I called Mr. P to tell him that our daughter just KISSED her mama. He was amused in that sort of “why the hell did you just call me at the office to tell me that” way. So I hung up and leaned into Pumpkin again to claim another kiss. I should have stopped when I was ahead. This time she wrapped her lips around mine, and BIT DOWN HARD. Ouch! She actually made my lip bleed…

So in the last two days my daughter bit both my nose and my lip. Added to the time last week when she gave me a bloody nose (I really should cut her nails before allowing her to explore the cavities of my nose with her finger) I think I can say I am being abused by my daughter. Is there a support group for moms like me?

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