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Happy 2006!

Happy New Year!

2005 was an exciting year in the Ms. Mama household. It was the year that Mr. P and I went from a twosome to a threesome; from a couple to a family. The arrival of Pumpkin changed our lives in wonderful ways which I can not even articulate. I can not imagine life before her, would not want to go back to our carefree childless days for anything. It is strange how it can seem like a short, yet incredibly long year at the same time. Short, because I can remember Jan 1st 2005 like it really was yesterday. Time does fly by in a blink of the eye! Long, because so much has happened in that year.

This is a post from a personal pregnancy blog I kept for my family. It is dated January 8th 2005, shortly after the New Year. I feel it articulates better than I could now how much things really have changed.

Weeks 19 & 20

We I returned earlier this week from our trip to Cali for the holidays. I am finally feeling completely back onto this time zone so I figure it is about time I get something posted again on this blog!!! For those of you we saw, we had a great time and am so glad we had time to catch up, for those of you we missed, sorry, time just seemed to run out! I hope when we make our next trip over with the new bundle of joy we will be able to meet up.

Our arrival back in the Netherlands began with a few reminders of my pregnancy (if the constant trips to the air-toilet were not enough). First and most excitingly while passing over Greenland I felt the baby move! It was very faint, and felt as a cross between a small bubble popping and a slight tapping. I have felt it a few times now since so am convinced they are "flutters"... It will be a while before I feel real kicking, and since my placenta is on my belly side the movements will also remain faint for a while. The placenta basically acts as a pillow cushioning the movements. But movement is movement!!! Our second reminder was not quite so pleasant. While my morning sickness has been gone for over a month now, it seems my stomach is not its normal self. Shortly before landing I started to feel slightly ill and asked for a baggy just in case. I figured it would pass, like most of my former morning sickness. And it seemed to go away, that is at least for a while. But there was a wind storm over Holland and we had a rather rough approach to landing. Not anything I have not experienced before, but less than comfortable. Yet I made it to landing without losing my breakfast... The problem was I did not make it long afterwards! All my breakfast decided to make a reappearance as we taxied to the gate. I have never been so embarrassed in my life!!! I just have to be thankful for two things, it was the end of the flight so I never have to see any of these people again, and I at least look pregnant - people seem to be more sympathetic than with someone who is simply airsick!! Again I blame the baby :-)

Two days after our return we got to get another ultrasound. I have a photo and will post it once I go back to work and can scan it in. It was amazing! The last ultrasound our baby was 2cm head to rump. Now it is 16 cm!!! Everything looks perfect and growth is right on schedule! We saw the heart’s 4 chambers, the stomach, bladder, diaphragm, spine and arms and legs. Unfortunately our little one is a bit shy and had it’s head buried towards my back so we got no view of its face :-(Since we do not want to know the sex yet we had to close our eyes a few times when the technician was in that "area". I think that just made me more curious than ever! I just have to stick to our decision a bit longer; we have our 4D ultrasound in 3 weeks. This will be that last (unless god forbid we have complications). Hopefully our little one has overcome its shyness by then and gives us a glimpse of its face!!!

It is hard to imagine I am writing there about our Pumpkin. I still can not believe that she is the same creature that first kicked while I was flying over Greenland. Hell, I can not even believe she is the same helpless creature that was handed into my waiting arms 7 months ago.

2005 was a wonderful year; I think it will be hard to top. Here is hoping that 2006 is another wonderful year, if anything our move will definitely bring many more big changes before 2007!

Wishing you all a wonderful start to 2006, and hoping that all your dreams for the year come true!

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