Monday, December 19, 2005

Weekend Recap

Mr. P (and my laptop) returned a bit early Friday, leaving the conference before it ended and arriving home shortly after noon. Pumpkin and I were however at our bi-weekly mommy/baby get together, so Mr. P hopped back in the car and picked us up. That was a nice luxury since it had been storming since Thursday evening, and we did not have to wait for the bus while dodging hail the size of pebbles. Happy to have my man home again and to have extra hands to help with Pumpkin, I celebrated the early start to my weekend by popping open a beer at the early hour of 2pm. Man was that one tasty beer :-)

While we laid low on Saturday, chilling in front of the fire place with the tree all lit up, Mr. P's sister was unbeknownst to us on her way to the hospital. She is 33 weeks pregnant with her second child and had started bleeding. From what I understand as well, it was not a little spotting or the early loss of her mucus plug, but enough blood where she thought her placenta had ruptured. As most moms also know, the movements of ones baby becomes such a constant by that point in pregnancy, a mom can often not remember the last time she felt a kick. And Mr. P's sister was no different. On the appearance of all that blood she started to panic that she did not remember the last time she "felt life”. Having heard the story through Mr. P (who of course does not get nearly enough info for my liking), I am not clear on all the details, but at some point, either on the way to the hospital, or upon her arrival, the contractions started. I can only imagine her fear, 7 weeks from her due date, loosing large amounts of blood, not feeling the baby move and going into pre-term labor. Mr. P's sister is an incredibly strong woman, but I am certain even she was in a panic.

Fast forwarding a bit, to when we were informed of all this... The baby eventually gave a swift kick and seemed to be doing just fine on the monitors. My sister in law was given an internal exam, upon which they could not pinpoint the cause of the bleeding, but they guessed that perhaps a blood vessel in the uterus burst. (What would cause this I am unsure as well, but I wonder if it could have to do with the c-section she had 18 months ago). She was given drugs to stop the contractions and steroids to speed up the developments of the baby's lungs. She is now stuck in a hospital bed, I assume till the baby is born. When she reaches 34 weeks they will take her off the contraction stopping drugs, since at that point they no longer stop labor. It is possible that she does not go back into labor then, just as it is possible that the drugs stop working and she goes into labor earlier. So I guess the chance of a Christmas baby is quite high. I know the survival rates for babies born after 33 weeks are very high, so I am not really worried. I just feel bad for my sister in law who is stuck now in hospital away from her other child over the holidays. I feel bad that she will possibly have to face the challenge of a baby in NICU, and all the fears that do come with a pre-term birth. I just hope that she can keep that lil boy in her for as long as possible.

On a much milder note, to end our lazy weekend we finally broke down and got the digital cable plus packet. I had become fed up with the lack of programs on, and was jumping for joy when Mr. P arrived back from the store with our new digital cable box. On top of all the worthless channels we get with the new packet, we also get 4 more BBC channels making a total of 6 for my BBC viewing pleasure. And Mr. P is overjoyed with the three new Discovery Channels, for his brain building viewing. There are some other good channels in the lineup, like the Travel channel and Performance TV. Mr. P is thrilled to again have E! while I could definitely do without it and yet another MTV. But what have I discovered already? That even with 100 more channels there is still NOTHING ON TV!

Update: I forgot to mention the biggest event of the weekend, both of my sisters are now University graduates! Sis A got her BS in Anthropology at UC Santa Cruz last weekend and Sis B got her BS in Wildlife Fish and Conservation Biology from UC Davis yesterday. I wish I could have been there to celebrate this HUGE accomplishment with them, but we will have to wait till my trip in February. My mom must be checking off her list - 3 down, one to go...

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