Monday, December 05, 2005

Sunday evenings and socks full of vegetables

Want to know how I spent my Sunday evening? Really you do? I spent it sitting in bed with a sock full of frozen spinach held to my face. Yes, you read that right, a sock holding a bag of frozen spinach, (or the poor woman’s ice pack).

It all started innocently enough. Mr. P and I were feeling a bit in ‘the mood’ and decided to head to bed early (OK, perhaps it is not really that innocent). But being the sick obsessive parents we are, we stopped first to look in on Pumpkin like we do every evening. This is where disaster struck. As Mr. P leaned down to plant a kiss on Pumpkin’s chubby cheek, she woke up. Startled, and wanting to quickly get out of her room before she fully awoke and found her crazy parents staring over her, he proceeded to stand back up and move out of the room at the same time. However due to the dark I was unaware of his haste to leave the room and I at the same time was heading towards the crib. Boom! Ouch! The right side of Mr. P’s forehead collided with maximum force into the bridge of my nose. I grabbed my nose, which I thought was certainly broken and stumbled from the room tears streaming down my face. Pumpkin, startled by the commotion of her parent’s collision started to cry, and Mr. P stumbled after me while frantically yelling ‘where’s a mirror, where’s a mirror?’, also horrified that he had broken my nose.

I managed to get to our bedroom, and collapsed onto the bed. By that point I realized I was not bleeding, so most likely my nose was not broken. Mr. P ran down the stairs and grabbed the first thing he could find in the freezer, a massive bag of frozen spinach. Back up the stairs he came and handed me the bag-o-spinach. I laid my entire face onto the bag like it was a pillow, while he laid his forehead next to me.

Having recovered from the shock we suddenly found the humor in this situation. Here we were, in bed, both of our throbbing heads attached to a bag of frozen vegetables. This lead to a discussion of the common treatments for bangs to the head. As we tried to work out why people applied raw meat to their faces to prevent a black eye, Mr. P mentioned that his mother would apply butter to a head bump. Here we were, heads plastered to the spinach, discussing steak and butter. “You hungry or something” I asked laughing. It sure seemed like there was a dinner in the making – butter, spinach and steak.

However that bag-o-spinach was just to cold for my poor head, and it was a bit ridiculous to be holding a pound of vegetables to my face. So Mr. P went back down to the kitchen and separated out some of the spinach into a Ziploc baggie. Then he rustled through his sock drawer and stuck the baggie into what I hope was a clean sock. So that is how I came to spend my Sunday evening holding a sock full of frozen spinach to my face. Needless to say our ‘romantic’ intentions went out the window, and we both went to bed with massive headaches.

I am happy to report though I have survived the incident without a black eye. I was most certain that I would look in the mirror this morning to find myself with a massive shiner, sure to convince all the neighbors that Mr. P was horrifically beating me. But I am just sporting a nice bump above my left eyebrow and a very sore nose. And man what a story I had to tell the internet!

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