Friday, December 02, 2005

Revisiting the poopie diapers

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will already be aware that I like to post about the contents of Pumpkin's diapers, or more specifically poop. If you are new to this site, and think you may continue to pop in for a visit every now and then, I warn you this will probably not be the last post you read about poop. I also suggest if you do not understand a mothers obsession with her child’s diapers, and prefer not to read about it, you just skip this post altogether.

Pumpkin has never been a predictable pooper, while her movements were usually once a day after the introduction of formula; we could sometimes skip a day, or be bombarded by three poops in 12 hours. When we switched to the colic formula her nice, not so offensive poop switched to an alga green liquidly mess which often exploded out of her diapers and up her back, sometimes nearly reaching her forehead. But nothing could have prepared me for what I now find lurking in her diapers, and how often I find it.

Solid food has definitely brought her poop to new levels. It seems that with their immature digestive systems, foods often exit the bodies of babies in the same colors they went in. This means with Pumpkin, who eats lots of yummy orange carrots, butternut squash and sweet potatoes, that her poop is often very-very orange. However since she also eats her share of green beans and zucchini, she does have the intermittent green poop.

Now that she is up to three varied meals a day including fruit, veg, potatoes, rice cereal and yogurt, not only the color of her bowel movements has changed, but also the overall appearance. As I said, the colic formula she has been on had the unfortunate side effect of liquefying her poop. But now the addition of solids seems to have countered this and we only rarely have the diaper explosion. But it seems that what comes in often comes out differently. Sometimes her poop is a play-dough like mass stuck to her nether regions, other times it looks like she has excreted a mass of gritty sand or oatmeal.

Most surprising of all though is how often she now soils her diapers. Wednesday I had changed a total of 4 poopie diapers before 11am, and by 9am this morning I had changed three poops since she awoke at 7:45. In fact no sooner had I changed poopie diaper number one, marveling at the smooth round ball she had excreted, was she grimacing and grunting. One minute later that awful odor was emanating from her behind and I was carrying her upstairs for another diaper change. I guess I should be happy we are a cloth diapering household, otherwise she would be single-handedly filling all the landfills with her poopie diapers.

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