Saturday, December 10, 2005

Finally - 100 things about me!

I had started this a few months back, but Mr. P turned off the computer without saving it, and I was too frustrated to start again, that is till now.

Attempt #2 - 100 Things about me:

1. I am originally from San Francisco, CA.
2. I currently live in the Netherlands.
3. I am a short person in a land of giants.
4. I moved here in November 2001.
5. My husband, Mr. P, is Dutch.
6. We met in a bar in the Height
7. Powered by a few drinks I pulled up a stool and introduced myself to him.
8. This was done on a dare.
9. For doing this I won a pack of cigarettes.
10. I also unexpectedly won the heart of the most wonderful man.
11. He won my heart too.
12. We dated for exactly 1 year before he asked me to move in with him.
13. But we practically lived together already, just in two homes.
14. We talked about moving to the Netherlands.
15. It happened sooner than we thought. His company gave him 2 weeks notice that he was being sent back to his home office, in Holland.
16. I packed up my entire life to come with him.
17. I never have regretted that decision.
18. Sometimes I hate it here.
19. Sometimes I love it.
20. I took a year of Dutch courses at night.
21. I do not believe I speak good Dutch, even though others say I do.
22. I just got my Dutch citizenship.
23. It is very cool to have two passports.
24. Now I can visit Cuba.
25. I do not feel either Dutch or American.
26. I graduated Summa cum Laude from CSU Chico.
27. I drank too much in uni.
28. But man did I have fun!
29. My major was Media Arts (video/film/radio etc).
30. I worked as a camera woman for the evening news when I was still a student.
31. I never worked in my major after graduation.
32. Instead I took a job in advertising as a Media Planner.
33. I hated it and eventually quit.
34. I have done various jobs since.
35. I am not fit for the office life.
36. I am now working as a CHO (chief household officer)
37. I love staying at home with my daughter.
38. I am the oldest of 4 kids.
39. I have two sisters and a brother.
40. I want 3 kids.
41. My parents are divorced, but have not re-married.
42. They split when I was 20.
43. I miss my family.
44. I try to visit twice a year.
45. I talk to my mom on the phone all the time, it is not the same.
46. Mr. P proposed to me after taking me to the Opera and dinner.
47. I was in my pajamas and getting ready for bed when he popped the question.
48. We got married in St Lucia, just the two of us.
49. It was incredibly romantic and relaxing.
50. We tried to get pregnant for 5 months before succeeding.
51. I planned a home birth without any drugs.
52. After 36 hours I was begging to get an epidural.
53. I was transferred by my midwife to the hospital since I was not progressing.
54. After 52 hours I gave birth to my Pumpkin.
55. I immediately forgot about the pain.
56. I broke my wrist when I was 23.
57. I was backpacking with my sister and fell on the way back out of the park.
58. Some other packers went and got the ranger.
59. I had to drive myself to the hospital, while my sister shifted gears.
60. They gave me some good drugs.
61. I asked for a waterproof cast because I was going whitewater rafting the next weekend.
62. The doctor laughed at me and told me no I was not.
63. I still had the cast when I met Mr. P.
64. He does not like backpacking, so I have not gone since.
65. My favorite color is turquoise.
66. My favorite season is spring.
67. My favorite food is sushi.
68. My favorite drink is a margarita.
69. I do not eat sushi while drinking margaritas though - ick.
70. My first trip abroad was to Costa Rica when I was 19.
71. I backpacked in Monte Verde Cloud Forest for 10 days.
72. I saw howler monkeys and some sort of wild cat.
73. I have since visited 9 other countries not including Holland.
74. I would love to travel around the world for a year.
75. This year I will visit country #10, Austria.
76. Before I die I want to go on a safari.
77. I would also like to win the lotto and own a yacht.
78. I do not often buy lotto tickets so the above is a long shot.
79. I have moved 14 times since I turned 18.
80. I am now 29, the last time I moved I was 25.
81. That is 14 moves in 7 years. An average of twice a year
82. We are thinking of selling and moving again.
83. I collect shot glasses, from every place I visit.
84. Photography is a hobby of mine.
85. I take way to many photos.
86. I used to paint and draw, but never liked what I created.
87. At one point though I wanted to major in art.
88. My father did not approve.
89. I am over critical of myself.
90. I am never happy with my decisions.
91. I also obsess too much about silly things.
92. Like what people think about me.
93. I die my hair blond.
94. I am not happy with my body.
95. I have never been on a diet, I do not believe in them, only exercise.
96. I do not exercise enough.
97. I hate the gym, except the climbing gym.
98. I have not been climbing since Pumpkin was conceived.
99. I gave my sister my gear, so I do not think I will go again.
100. I can not believe I made it to 100!!!

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