Tuesday, December 20, 2005

An Early Birth

The drugs to halt her contractions stopped working on Monday and my sister in law went back into labor. They continued the drugs to try and slow it down and give the steroids maximum time to help develop the baby's lungs, but birth was imminent, my nephew wanted out. Shortly after midnight Tuesday my sister in law gave birth to her son. He cried when he was born and was breathing without assistance. He weighed in at just over 2000gr (approximately 4 1/2 lbs), which is nice for 33 weeks. I think he would have been a big boy if he had made it full term :-)

Both mother and baby are doing well. My nephew will most likely be in hospital till at least 37 weeks, and mama will be released in a few days. I am just relieved that this all ended happily, even though it means yet another December birthday. :-) Pumpkin can not wait to meet her newest partner in crime.

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