Thursday, December 08, 2005

Christmas trees and feverish tears

I waited as long as I could. Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet had barely left the country, but Tuesday I had to get my Christmas tree. Unable to haul a tree home while also carrying Pumpkin, I sent Mr. P to work with the orders not to come home without a tree that evening, and he knew well the consequences. Along with the orders were my very specific tree selection criteria. It had to be taller than me (not to big of a feat, I just barely break the 5 foot mark), and nice and full, with no gaping holes. It also had to have a long narrow trunk at the bottom, to ease the process of getting it into the tree stand. I have had enough in the past few years of sawing off branches to get the tree in the stand.

Well Mr. P outdid himself. He not only came home with an absolutely beautiful tree which covered all my criteria. He also got the biggest tree I have ever had, and for a bargain price to boot! This tree is massive; we had to move the dining table to fit it into its home. I am glad I bought that extra strand of lights, just in case. We would have never been able to do without them.

So Tuesday evening we put on the Christmas music, lit a fire in the fire place, made up some hot cocoa and decorated the tree. Except for the usual frustrations that come with stringing the lights, it was a wonderful tree decorating evening. Our normally exclusively purple and silver ornaments have some company this year from little Sesame Street figures my mother sent for Pumpkin. But they blend in well and are a good way of slowly breaking me into the soon to be kiddie dominated tree. I am one happy chappy. The best part though was the look on Pumpkin's face when she saw the lit up tree Wednesday morning. She stared and giggled, and when I held her up started swatting at the ornaments.

Unfortunately her joy was short lived. She had seemed and bit fussy and barely drank her bottle that morning. By noon, the fussyness had become full blown screaming and she had a fever of 102. The doctor says it could be her teeth, but I think it is more likely a virus. She is not drooling like with her last teeth, and there are no teething bumps. Plus she seems like it hurts her to swallow. Last night was hard. We struggled to get some fluids in her before we put her in bed, and she woke up quite often crying. Mr. P and I took turns getting up through the night and holding her till she fell back to sleep. It felt like she was a newborn again. Her fever was gone this morning, but is back now. Luckily she drank most her bottle with breakfast, though the lunchtime bottle did not go in. She will not even go near her solid foods, but right now I just want to keep her hydrated. I feel so helpless, I do not know what is wrong, and besides giving her Tylenol to take down the fever I can not make her better. I just hope she gets over this soon; it just kills me to know she does not feel good.

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