Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas Past and Christmas Future

I love Christmas. I love the lights and the trees, stockings and Santa. I love the cards, the carols and especially the eggnog. I get excited every November because it is ALMOST CHRISTMAS! I can not wait to watch A Charley Brown Christmas and It’s a Wonderful Life. I can recite every word of Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch who Stole Christmas and can tell you every version of A Christmas Carol ever made. I must get my tree as soon as it hits December. I just love to inhale its sweet pine scent and to admire it all lit up in the evening. I love the way we slow down and enjoy the season, and eachother.

The best memories I have of Christmas are not of toys I received, of bicycles under the tree in the morning or gigantic candy canes in my stocking. They are the moments with my family. Going to the tree farm all of us packed in the van, my father walking patiently with the saw as we fought over which was the best tree. All of us piling back into the van while my parents struggled to tie the gigantic tree to the roof rack. How we would get home and sort out the ornaments, each of us four kids getting an equal amount to hang on the tree. How my father could never string the lights quick enough, and we would be all sitting there rushing him, our neat piles of ornaments ready to be hung one at a time, each taking turns. It is the Christmas mornings when we would all be up at 5am, too excited to sleep any longer, begging my father to get out of bed so we could have at those wrapped gifts under the tree. It is of my mother in her robe making pancakes as my father tried to light the fireplace, which was only lit once a year, for that occasion. The way us kids all sat under the lit tree, in our foot pajamas, shaking the boxes and trying to guess what was inside. How, after taking turns opening our gifts, and running off to play with our loot, we would return to the living room for our annual Christmas production. My dad would set up the video camera (which back in the day was huge and had to be connected directly to the VCR via cable to record) as I would boss my siblings around, directing the whole show. There would be songs and plays, costume changes and often tears and lots of yelling. But it was tradition, it was Christmas, and I hope to someday have my children putting on their own production Christmas morning.

The songs and the TV shows all tie into this feeling; they bring back the memories, the excitement about Christmas. I can not hear The Little Drummer Boy without picturing the Christmas record my mom would play every December. I remember sitting down and watching hours upon hours of Christmas cartoons. I loved Rudolf, Frosty, The Grinch and Charley Brown. As we got older we would watch The Christmas Story, Miracle on 34th Street and A National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

I look forward to all the Christmas we are to have as our new family. I dream of picking out the tree and hanging homemade ornaments from its branches. I can not wait till Pumpkin sees her first Santa. Putting out milk and cookies before she goes to bed Christmas Eve, the excitement in her eyes Christmas morning. I can not wait till she can watch the cartoons with me, and we can sing the carols out of tune together. Christmas will always be my favorite time of year; I hope I can make it just as special for her.

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