Thursday, December 15, 2005

Awash in Tears

Just in time for Mr. P´s trip out of town, Pumpkin´s top two teeth are now erupting quite painfully through her gums. The house has been awash in tears since last night (half of which are mine). Just how many teeth does a kid get? I am not sure I like the idea of going through this every few months for years to come!

On a happier note though, we had our 7 month checkup at the well baby clinic and Pumpkin is cruising along right on schedule. She is now 7530gr and 66.2cm (that is 16.6lbs and 26.06 inches). And my social gal even forgot about her sore gums long enough to flash every mother, baby, nurse and doctor a toothy grin. Unfortunately as soon as we returned home she remembered... It is going to be a very long night tonight!

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