Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Alone and without my friendly laptop

Mr. P left me early this morning, and he took the laptop with him! The gall of him!

Pumpkin and I will be on our own till the weekend, and I will be mourning the temporary loss of my friend - my Dell laptop. Well actually the laptop is Mr. P´s, and is way to fancy for my measly use, surfing the net, but it sits great on the dining table allowing me to surf surf surf all day. Mr. P and the laptop are at Javapolis, some nerd fest, in Antwerp, Belgium. The laptop is probably ecstatic about being used for its main purpose, and what it was specially designed for, all that J2EE stuff (don’t ask me what that is - but Mr. P is a J2EE architect).

This is the first time since the end of my second trimester that I am on my own at home. I hate being on my own at night, I sleep terrible when Mr. P is not next to me. It is funny, since I used to live alone, but I have become a scardey cat in my old age. I get all paranoid, and imagine people breaking into the house while I lay in bed. I think I watch horror films and the news too much. It does not help that our house, which is 100 years old, creaks and groans at night, that I can hear the neighbors on their staircase, which to my imagination sounds like someone on MY staircase. I try to tell myself I am being silly, but damn, I just get all worked up. I live in a very safe neighborhood and have never heard of any break-ins, but that is little comfort to my crazed mind.

So for the next few nights I will be triple checking the locks on the doors, leaving lights on in the hall, and most likely laying awake with the phone near my head. But there is an upside of being on my own again. I plan to catch up on some chick flicks once Pumpkin is in bed, and I will eat my fill of unhealthy (but tasty) ready meals. As for my computer time, I will be hiding out now and then in the guest room on the desktop, who has been feeling mighty neglected lately.

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