Friday, November 11, 2005


The other day CityMama, who I read religiously, posted a beautiful letter to her daughter Bunny, expressing how lucky her younger daughter Wallie is to have her as a big sister. As I read her post I was both crying and smiling. I am the eldest of four children, three girls and a boy, and can testify to the power of sisterhood. While there were times that we fought and screamed and even had to have our parents physically pull us apart, there is nothing quite like the bond I have with my sisters. I love my baby brother to death, and most anyone who knows us can tell you that I act as his second mom, but the bond and understanding that I share with my sisters is completely different.

My sisters are my best friends. They know every gory detail about my life, every stupid mistake I have ever made and every silly thing I have ever done. They remember the time I ran away from home, how I plastered my bedroom walls with New Kids on The Block posters and my later unhealthy obsession with glam rock. I in turn know everything about them. We joke sometimes with each other, teasing about those moments one would often rather forget; like the time I broke the neighbor’s car window skipping rocks in the street, or how my sister would puke on almost every car trip and had a special bucket in the car for her. But behind that joking is the understanding and the affection that only we share. As we grow older that bond changes and grows stronger as we have more and more in common. We’ve shared loves and broken hearts, laughter and tears. While everything may not be explicitly discussed, we are always there to listen and support each other. Our journeys into adulthood were only made easier with each other there.

I miss my sisters, and wish we did not live a continent apart. We try to call each other often, though not as much as I would like. When the phone rings at strange hours I know it is my sister, home from the late shift at the restaurant, or up late studying for a midterm or final. I retreat to the bedroom to talk, happy she is there, only a phone call away. I can see her sitting on her porch swing, sipping a glass of wine, smoking a cigarette, relaxing after a long day. Sometimes the thousands of miles slip away and I am sitting there on the swing next to my sister, talking and laughing, enjoying the evening with her.

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