Tuesday, November 22, 2005

She is on the move

We have movement people. It is not forward movement, and does not remotely resemble crawling, but my Pumpkin is officially on the move. If I put her on her belly on the floor she is soon in a new position about 1-2 feet from her original location. She does this cute attempt at scooting where she rolls on her right shoulder and pushes with her left foot. This tends to move her to the right side, but does often get her to the out of reach toy. Sometimes though she instead manages to scoot backwards. I am not quite sure how that happens. Give me another week and I may grasp her method. But the funniest is how she is trying to move forward. She lifts both arms and both legs in the air and rocks/bounces frantically on her belly. Of course she does not get anywhere doing this, but she gets plenty of laughs from whoever is watching. I captured plenty of video of it this weekend to show her future suitors…

But this glimpse at her soon to be mobility has put Mr. P's and my efforts at baby proofing in overdrive. The heater covers are almost done, and all the outlets have the childproof things in them. The corner protectors have been stuck to all visible sharp corners and I have purchased the door stoppers. We still need to do the drawer and cabinet latches and buy the stair gates (all 4 of them!). Am I forgetting anything? Any suggestions from you experienced parents?

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