Sunday, November 06, 2005

Kitty Kitty

Our cat is still at the vet. We dropped him off Thursday evening and he is still there, refusing to give them a pee sample. Personally I am a bit concerned that he has not urinated since Thursday evening, but the vet says this is actually good, since it most likely means nothing is wrong with his kidneys (which is what we feared). Supposedly when an animal has kidney issues they tend to drink and urinate a lot. He on the other hand is holding it in for whatever reason. But the sooner he pees, the sooner he can come home.

In the past three and a half years we have had him, he has cost us a fortune in vet bills. He had kidney stones, which he receives a daily pill for, and a special dietary food (which makes him FAT!), but even with this he still had recurring attacks which landed him at the vet where they helped get the stones out of his urethra. The last time they decided to cut him open and clear out his bladder, suspecting a large stone was caught there breaking off bits which then blocked his urethra. This seemed to have done the trick, and we went over half a year with no calls to the vet. Until last month, when he started vomiting all over the house. The vet tested his kidneys and decided it was most likely a stomach infection, and sent us home with pills. At first this seemed to work, but last week the vomiting started again. So we brought him back to the vet who is completely baffled.

I miss him right now. This is the longest he has stayed at the vet ever. There is not cat scratching our furniture to yell at, and no cat under my feet as I lug Pumpkin's bathwater to her room. I miss him curled up on my legs at night and meowing next to his food bowl in the morning. I miss the way Pumpkin reacts every time she sees him, screeching and flapping her arms wildly in the air. The way he patiently lets her tug his ears and thump his head, while if I did that I would be prying his teeth out of my arm. I keep looking for him, then realizing he is not here. Mr. P is to call the vet today to get an update. I hope they will know something, or at least let him come home. I just want my baby to come home to us.

UPDATE: My kitty is home :-) The vet thinks he just has a really tough stomach infection so we have to continue medication. I am so happy to have him here, even though he immediately started to scratch the dining chairs.

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