Saturday, November 26, 2005

Happy 6 Month Birthday Pumpkin

Happy 6 month birthday baby! I can not believe you are already half a year old. Half a year ago you burst into my life and altered it forever. I am a forever different, more patient, younger woman thanks to you. I can’t help but lay on the ground with you and play with your toys, to just sit and hold you and enjoy the way you grab at my face and pull on my hair. I miss you when I put you down for bed at night, and can’t wait to get you up again in the morning. The way you greet each and every day with laughter and a smile, how you giggle when your papa walks in the room, it makes me see the world, if just for a moment, through your innocent eyes. When we go for walks I stop and point out the passing dog, the blooming flowers and the changing leaves. We bring bread to feed the ducks, and take the longer route just to pass through the park. I look at things differently now, notice how you may see everything, new and fascinating and so beautiful.

You are becoming such a big girl, have grown so much from the little 2.9kg parcel that was handed into my waiting arms. You were so helpless then. In the last six months you became a little person, who smiles and laughs, babbles and screeches, and knows her mama and papa. You can sit up and can play with your toys, can roll over from front to back, and back to front, and now do that repeatedly to get across the room. You eat two meals a day of fruit and vegetables, and devour them all. You even like green beans, much to your mama’s surprise. I can see your quirky personality, get a glimpse of the girl you are becoming, the woman you will some day be.

I now understand how a mother will do anything for her child, how she would put her life down for that of her child. I want to change the world for you, make it a softer, kinder place. Baby, I can not explain the way you grab at my heart. You are so beautiful, so perfect. Your tears make me frantic, your smiles and laughter melt me. I love you so much, I am so glad you came into my life. Now I just ask you to please slow down, mama is not ready for you to grow up just yet.

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