Monday, November 07, 2005

Attack of the Snot Monsters

Saturday night the snot monsters came to pay us a visit.  Sunday morning Pumpkin and I both woke up with nasty booger dripping colds.  She seems to be handling it pretty well, though for some reason she keeps sticking out her tongue.  Mr. P and I both have to laugh as our little gal looks up at us, with snot running down her face, sticks out her tongue and makes the most adorable groaning sound.  “ugggg – ogggg”.  I on the other hand have turned into a whining sniveling baby.  I hate colds, you just feel miserable, but not miserable enough to shut out the world and retreat to your bed.  Give me the flu any day over a cold.  At least with the flu I can say “I’m sick – I’m not going to the grocery store… you will just have to do it”.  But with a cold, I just have to trudge about moaning and groaning doing my daily shit.  And flu’s last only a few days, where I usually get colds for weeks.  Lets hope the snot monsters make this a short visit.  

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