Monday, October 24, 2005

Yet Another First!

The saying ‘There is a First Time for Everything’ takes on a different meaning when you are a parent, a more literal meaning. Pre Pumpkin, it meant that I may have never been sky-diving but why the hell not go and try. Just because I have not done it, does not mean I can’t anymore (however, like in the case of skiing, it is often proven one can not teach this old dog a new trick).

I never realized until Pumpkin came into my life just how many firsts there really are, and how obsessively I would check each one off. The first time she rolled over, the first time she grabbed a toy, the first time she brought said toy to her mouth and on and on and on. Hell there are firsts that I did not even think would be firsts till she goes and does it. Just the other day I called Mr. P up to tell excitedly tell him that Pumpkin was making raspberries! It was a first, the first time my daughter put her lips together and proceeded to blow spit bubbles while making the most entertaining fart noise. A baby is a blank little human for whom every new thing is a big first, most often cheered on by a crazy parent (or two) grasping the video camera in one hand and the photo camera in the other.

But in the world of firsts, my Pumpkin has reached some big milestones the last week. First she got two teeth, which erupted suddenly from her gums taking me completely by surprise. Then Friday she started sleeping 12 hours without waking for a feed. 12 hours! From 7pm to 7am. She is such a big girl.

But to top it off, and make me really cry to Mr. P that she is growing up too fast, we gave her her first bite of real food yesterday. She loved it! In fact she finished off the entire cube of sweet potato puree. While much did end up on her face, more made it into her mouth. And though I try not to share too many photos of my Pumpkin on this blog, how can I avoid sharing this adorrable face with you?

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