Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Swimming and Sweet Dreams

Pumpkin had her first swim lesson today. She loved it, the moment we walked into the water she was smiling and splashing. She giggled and screeched with joy. She gabbed and squealed when another baby was near, and did not even cry when she was dunked under water. I am not sure which she enjoyed more, all the other babies, or the water. But regardless, we will definitely be going again next week.

While the group was all Dutch women, it was nice to be out with other moms. I may not have known the songs the group was singing, and every instruction was not clear, but the women were friendly, and the common ground of having an infant made chit chat easy. It was especially nice to see I am not the only one to not have reverted to her pre-pregnancy belly yet. I am sill not brave enough to change my one piece skirt suit for my pre-pregnancy bicini, but I do feel a tad better about my figure.

But the best part of swimming was that Pumpkin took a 2 hour nap when we came home. Two whole hours of peace to surf the internet and catch up on e-mails! I am not sure what hit me. Normally I am lucky if she naps for more than 45 minutes at noon. Can we swim every day?

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