Thursday, October 27, 2005

One of Those Days

Today was just one of those days.  It was too good to be true.  Looking at the weather outside I thought it would be a marvelous day.  We were having weather more appropriate for the end of August than the end of October.  And since it had been cold and rainy and just downright gloomy for the last week I was jumping at the bit to get my ass outside.  So after Pumpkin woke from her noon nap I loaded her into her stroller for a walk into town.  Just yesterday I had bought her a new pair of tennis shoes, cute little white ones with pink stripes, and I had to put them on her and show them off (yes, I am sick people).  The diaper bag was full of all the necessities, she was all strapped in and happily chewing on her toy, and I was ready to get a last glimpse of the sun before it disappeared for good into the autumn and winter gloom.  

I should have known the moment I walked out the door it was best to turn around and walk right back in.  I could see it was going to be a pain just to maneuver the stroller past our front door.  On either side of our house the ultra narrow sidewalk was blocked.  On one side by a bike and the other by the combination of a planter box and a car parked half on the curb.  Normally I just cross the street, but the cars were parked bumper to bumper in front of me.  I was almost trapped.  But damn it I needed to get out of the house!  So I maneuvered the stroller here and there and possibly scraped the tailpipe of one of the cars, but I was out and on my way to town.  

It is a ten minute stroll to the center of our city along cute canals and past small shop fronts.  It is a walk I do almost daily in good weather, and at least once weekly in bad.  I could walk the route in my sleep, and I guess today I was.  Upon arriving downtown, I stopped to hand Pumpkin her tipsy cup with water.  She has not mastered the art of this cup yet, but can sip assisted and likes to play with it none the less.  I gave her a sip and looked at her feet.  She had only one shoe on!  Where was her other shoe.  I looked behind me, no shoe in sight.  I tore apart the stroller, damn it where did she kick it off!  So I turned right around and walked all the way back home looking for the missing shoe.  No sign of it.  How can it have just disappeared?!?  Who would pick up and walk off with one baby shoe?  So I turned back around and walked again to the center of town.  Again no sight of the shoe.   Well shit, there was nothing I could do, might as well go shopping anyways.  

Cussing silently to myself over the loss of the brand new shoe I wandered to a few shops, making a few purchases.  At one of the last shops I looked at Pumpkin in the stroller and realized, she was all wet, the stroller was all wet, and the tipsy cup was empty.   Damn it!  At least it was warm out; there really was nothing I could do.   I dried off the drenched stroller as best I could (who would of thought one little tipsy cup could hold that much water) and proceeded on.  The plan was to sit down on a terrace and have a drink and a snack and feed Pumpkin.  But all the terraces were full.  There was not a single place to sit.  And dammed if I was going to pay to sit inside on a day like this.  Still upset about the shoe, grumpy about my drenched daughter and downright irritated about the lack of anywhere to sit down I stormed back home, looking along the way of course for the missing shoe.  

Arriving home I was hungry and thirsty, and Pumpkin was getting hungry and irritable.  She cried and cried as I maneuvered the stroller again to get to our door.  She screamed as I opened the door and howled like a banshee as I took her out of the stroller.  I could not get her out of her wet clothes and a bottle into her mouth quick enough.  Finally, dry and nourished she quieted down, and I was able to get myself something to drink.  I really should not have left the house at all.  Next time the weather is unusually warm, I will just plop my but out in the back yard.  

Note: The shoe did finally show up, turns out Pumpkin kicked it off during my stroller maneuvers and a neighbor kid found it shortly after I left.  She picked it up, which is why I could not find it on my return trips.  An hour after we returned home the girl rang our doorbell to see if the shoe belonged to Pumpkin.  She had been taking it to every baby home on the block to find its owner.  So my little Cinderella has her glass slipper back.

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