Monday, October 10, 2005

It's Official, Pumpkin's First Cold

Just Saturday Mr. P and I were bragging to friends how Pumpkin has not yet come down with any cold, flu or other baby illness.   Beyond her gas problems, she has been a perfectly healthy baby for the last 4 months.  But it seems, even with all our knocking on wood during that conversation, we have jinxed it.  Our luck has run up.  Last night, after giving Pumpkin her bedtime bottle, Mr. P crawled into bed mumbling that little Pumpkin seemed to have a stuffy nose.  Low and behold this morning I woke to a little snot monster.  She seems to be indifferent to the fact that she is sniffling and wheezing, that every two minutes she has a long booger dripping down her face and that a few times every hour she sneezes, shooting snot across the room (and usually all over mama).   I know for a fact that if I was that gooked up in my head I would not be giggling and chatting.  Can I hope that she handles all her childhood illnesses with this little trouble?

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