Wednesday, September 14, 2005

We're Back

Well it really was a quick trip. I can not believe we are back already! Now with 4 flights behind her, Pumpkin really is a world traveler. She was amazing on the flights, and only cried during landing a bit. Everyone was commenting on what a good baby we have. I must agree, she way exceeded our expectations, and it went so smoothly I decided I would make the next trip back without Mr. P.

I think Pumpkin handled the jet lag better than us as well. She had been sleeping through the night since 6 weeks, and we were a bit worried it would all end with this trip. But again we were very pleasantly surprised. The first few nights she woke once to eat, but soon was sleeping though again. Mr. P and I had a hard time though sharing a room with her. I can not believe how much noise she makes while sleeping, and let me tell you, she snores just like her papa! I was so happy last night to have her back in her own room, it meant I could sleep without waking up to gurgles and snores coming from next to the bed (though Mr. P seemed to be snoring enough for them both).

It was wonderful to see my family again, and especially to see them all with Pumpkin. She was really pampered to death. Everyone wanted to hold her and play with her. They sung to her and danced with her and even fed her (though no-one was willing to diaper her). In this way even I got a bit of a break. Though I fear now she will expect this kind of attention to continue. It was also wonderful to be back in the California lifestyle just for a bit. We went for long hikes in the redwoods and rolling hills and took Pumpkin on her first trip to the beach; I even have video of her on a surf board! I realized how much I missed having all that nature and beauty so close by. We must make more of an effort here to get outside (that is when it is not raining!).

As for me, I went on a bit of a shopping spree, filling our suitcases to the brim with baby clothes. But it is all just so cute and so cheap in the US! Though looking at her overflowing closet now I have to admit perhaps I did go a bit overboard…

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