Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Fall Cleaning

A few times a year I go through my closet to try and free up some hangers. This is admittedly very hard for me. I will stand up now, and admit to the entire internet, what Mr. P already knows; I am an obsessive clothing hoard. I do not shop for clothes often, in fact usually only once per season, if even that do I buy myself a new outfit or two. However my closet is overflowing. I have the hardest time parting with anything, even if it is a pair of dress slacks that no longer fits, and haven’t for the past four years, even if it is a alumni t-shirt which has a hole ripped in the armpit. The slacks, they are just too cute, and who knows, I may be a size 3 again sometime, you know, when pigs fly. And the t-shirt, well it still serves its purpose as a nightshirt, just with a bit more ventilation. Shit, I still wear the sweats I bought for high school PE, over 14 years ago, even though the crotch has been stitched up a number of times (actually Mr. P does love these ‘easy access’ sweats).

I am even worse when it comes to shoes. I am the proud owner of over 40 pairs of shoes, of which I probably only regularly wear less than 10 (that is all seasons included). The adorable strapy sandals that only go with that one dress which also is sadly a size 3, why on earth would I get rid of those? Perhaps my size 8 'childbearing' hips will again see the inside of the size 3 dress again. Or perhaps I will buy another shimmery red and gold dress that matches those shoes perfectly. It doesn’t matter that even if miracles upon miracles I fit into that gorgeous dress again, there would never be the opportunity for me to wear the strappy sandals and slinky dress in dreary wet miserable Holland anyways! I just love the sandals too much to part with them, I love to pull them out of the closet every once in a while and drool over them. Hell I bought them at Nordstrom’s, at a time when I could not even afford to set foot into that store and breathe in that wonderful Nordstrom scent before the sales ladies came running to shoo my poor ass out of their store. I shipped them across the Atlantic Ocean on a container ship along with all my worldly possessions (and a lot of junk). Why on earth would I get rid of them?

But I have strayed from my point. It is that time again, the seasons are changing and what better time for me to stand in front of my closet and try and choose some clothing (and perhaps even shoes) that are either destined for the garbage bin, or the thrift store. The rule is if I have not worn it in over a year, it is time for it to go. That of course does not apply to the strappy sandals or the cute size 3 dress slacks (and the numerous other exceptions). Perhaps I can part with the alumni T-shirt. I will let you know how it goes. My motivation, if I have the space I can buy another outfit and more SHOES!

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