Friday, September 23, 2005

The Blue Line

One year ago tomorrow, after 5 months of checking the calendar and keeping complex charts of cervical mucus and basal body temperature, of jumping Mr. P at every potentially fertile moment (which may be why he calls it the best 5 months of his life), of peeing on numerous pregnancy tests whenever my period decided to play with my head and make a late appearance, I finally got a blue line.

It was still dark out, I remember that, so it must have been around 6:00am when I stumbled into the bathroom and unwrapped yet another pregnancy test, the first one for this missing period. Hovering precariously over the toilet I proceeded to pee all over my hand, wrist, upper thigh and the tiny tiny “pee stick”. Even though I had peed on enough sticks the past 5 months, I still had not come close to mastering the art of aim at the crack of dawn. Setting the capped pregnancy test down on the sink I washed the pee off my arms and proceeded to wait. The booklet said 5 minutes, an awful long time when you were waiting for such news. Not able to wait even a minute I snuck a peak. At first appearance I saw only one line in the window where two meant positive. But wait; was that a faint blue line appearing there? I jumped up and grabbed the pregnancy test, holding it up to the light. It was a line, getting darker by the second. I could not believe it, it was POSITIVE!

Pee stick grasped tightly in my shaking hand I walked back to the bedroom. “Wake up papa”

Mr. P sat up in bed jolted awake… “No, your pregnant? Really?”

After staring at the two blue lines for an incredibly unhealthy amount of time we had to get on with the morning and go to work. I am not sure how we made it through the day without telling anyone, how the grins that must have been engraved on our faces did not give it away. Somehow we made it, and managed to keep our huge secret till the end of the first trimester. Only us two knowing, from that moment one year ago, that I was growing a little perfect human being inside me.

So much has happened since that moment, our little pumpkin is now almost 4 months old, but that morning, that joy of knowing, I will never forget.

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