Monday, August 29, 2005

Was This Weekend?

The fact that I no longer work outside of the home has changed the significance of weekends for me. Prior to the birth of Pumpkin it was two days of R&R where Mr. P and I either lazied around the house or went out shopping during the day and visited friends and family in the evening. Now I look forward to weekends because Mr. P will be home, but my job does not stop for the weekend. Pumpkin still wakes at 7:00am, she still needs to be fed 5 times a day, her diapers still need to be changed and she needs to be given attention and stimulation. Don’t get me wrong, Mr. P definitely pulls his load on the weekends, and we each get one morning to sleep in. But on busy weekends like this one, the lack of a break becomes obvious to me.

Saturday started slow enough, I took the morning shift so I was up at 7:00am with Pumpkin. Later that morning we took a walk to the street market and around town, stopping of course at all the baby shops. That evening we attended an engagement party. This was the first time we went out in the evening to a party and put Pumpkin in bed at someone else’s home. Needless to say the evenings of leaving the house for a party with just a gift are over. We had disposable diapers enough for major diaper failure every hour, bottles enough to last till the next morning, pajamas, a sleep sack, travel crib, Baby Bjorn and baby monitor. It was more junk than we would take for a weekend away when we were ‘pre-baby’. However all our preparation paid off. Pumpkin slept wonderful and we were some of the last people to leave the party. I spoke to adults other than Mr. P about things other than Pumpkin. I almost forgot I was mommy for a few hours.

Sunday Mr. P took the morning shift and I got to sleep in till a blessed 10:00am. Ah the joys! However I had to jump out of bed to start packing up the diaper bag again with more diapers and bottles than at all necessary. That afternoon we attended our very first “family day” hosted by Mr. P’s work. While it was a very enjoyable afternoon, and I had many moms to hit up for advice, the mere fact that we were there reinforced that our lives have definitely changed. We are a family, and such events, involving petting zoos, playgrounds and party games are now part of our weekends. Discussions about high chairs, diaper contents and introducing solids have replaced discussions about late night drinking binges and the resulting hangovers.

Unfortunately all the running around during the weekend was too much. Insomnia, which I often suffer from when stressed or too wound up, bore its ugly head last night. In the past, if I had a night like that consisting of only a few hours of decent sleep, I would call in sick to work. Now, my work is there no matter what. If only Pumpkin was as easy as my former boss:

“Sorry honey, you need to take care of yourself today. Change your own diapers; make up your own bottles; entertain yourself for the day, mommy is tired and really needs to sleep. I’ll be better tomorrow. Oh and if you have a chance can you throw the laundry in the washer, bleach the kitchen counters and vacuum the house?”

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