Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Photo Shoot

Yesterday we took the family photo for the in-laws 35th wedding anniversary. I think this is a wonderful idea, and it is about time that the photo from the 1980’s hanging on their wall gets replaced. Mr. P actually has a perm in the photo! A PERM I tell you! And you can only imagine the awful 80’s clothing he is wearing. They are just too awful to put into words!!! So this time he showed up for the photo with freshly cut (non-permed) hair and a tie. However his brother and brother in law were clad in their normal T-shirts and jeans. Of course this lead to a bit of ribbing from them, and will mean that his tie will be the topic of conversation 15 years from now just as the perm has been to this point.

As with any family moment, this one was not without drama. The idea was to have all three children, their significant others, and the grandkids (Pumpkin and Lil Man) in the photo. This was planned by Mr. P’s sister over a month ago, and an appropriate date was chosen so all parties could be there for the photo. So yesterday, mid nap, we woke Pumpkin up and loaded her into her car seat. We then drove 1 hour to meet up with everyone at Mr. P’s brother’s apartment. We were the first ones there and shortly after we walked in and sat down, Mr. P inquired after his brother’s girlfriend who was strangely not there.

Bro P replied: “She does not want to go”, obviously more than a little annoyed.

I took this as she was just in their bedroom pouting, and gave Mr. P a look of question. So we changed the subject. Soon Sis P arrived with her boyfriend and Lil Man. She too enquired about the missing party.

Again Bro P replied: “She does not want to go”

Then I understood. It was not only that she did not want to go, but she was NOT going. Sis P, normally the type of woman who will tell you exactly what she thinks, actually restrained herself and surprisingly did not react to this bit of information. Perhaps she did not find it worth the energy. The tension in the room was obvious, the ensuing silence almost unbearable. Thankfully we had to head to the portrait studio soon thereafter.

So the photos were made, and I am sure they will turn out great, but the fact that someone is missing from the shots will be glaringly obvious when we present the photos to the in-laws next weekend. How selfish can someone be? She has been a “member” of this family for over 4 years now, yet she rarely will come to birthday parties or other family events, and to not be part of this photo is rude and offensive. How must Bro P feel about the fact that the woman he loves cares so little about his family? It is like a slap in the face. This photo will hang in the in-laws living room for years, Mr. P, me and Pumpkin; Sis P, her boyfriend and Lil Man; and then Bro P, all alone. I can only hope that soon she will be missing from Bro P’s life as well as the photo, he sure deserves better.

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