Monday, August 15, 2005

How Pathetic am I?

Last week I bought a new diaper bag. Nothing extraordinary, just a courier style bag that can be hung easily from the pram. What is sad is how excited I was about this bag. It has no amazing bells and whistles, it is certainly not the top of style, yet I was so excited about this bag that I spoke about it for days! After the purchase I immediately headed to the nearest cafe where I ordered a café a lait and proceeded to transfer everything from the old diaper bag to the new. I must have looked so pathetic to the other customers, this mom, sleeping baby in pram, obviously ecstatic over this newest of purchases. Thank goodness none of my old colleagues could see me now. I could just see their knowing looks, the rolling of the eyes. “Oh what has she done?”

I think the reason I am so excited about this silly bag is because it is the first thing I have bought for myself (if a diaper bag can be considered something for me) since Pumpkin was born. I did not count the two transitional pants I purchased as something for me, since I would have no need for them once I could fit my old clothes. I recon I need to buy one less onsie for Pumpkin and instead buy me something every once in a while. Perhaps then I will avoid being the crazy mom sitting in a café drooling over her diaper bag.

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