Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Dancing Queen

Every day I strap Pumpkin into the Baby Bjorn and turn up the CD player to dance. We sway and move across the room, singing along to the music. Her eyes look wide about and up at me, giggling, as I dip her and bounce her about. Her favorite CD right now is Wildflowers from Tom Petty, but we also regularly dance to U2, Queen, Talking Heads, and a even few country CDs (come on - they are just so fun to dance to!).

This scene is strangely reminiscent of when I was a little, and my mother would dance with me to the likes of The Doors, Santana, Janice Joplin, Grateful Dead and Credence. These artists are now a staple of my CD collection and I can’t help but think that listening and dancing to those classics in my youth lead to my appreciation of them and other great musicians now.

So will my little Pumpkin be listing to U2, Queen and Tom Petty when she is 28? Will she dance with her baby like I dance with her? I can only hope my mother’s love of great music will be passed on through me to her and on to the next generations to come.

So internet, please chime in here. Do you dance with your children? What music do you dance to? Do you remember music from your youth, and do you still listen to it now?

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