Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Count Down to Departure

Two days left until we fly to San Francisco. Normally, while I look forward to seeing my family and friends, I dislike the whole traveling thing. Arriving at an airport 3 hours in advance to stand in line to check-in, then stand in line for passport control and security screening, then stand in line again for another passport check and security screening to enter the boarding area, and finally stand in line to board the plane. Then, yippee, we are cooped up in economy on an airplane for 10 hours only to, you guessed it, stand in line again at border control and customs in the USA. And thanks to Mr. P being Dutch (which you can say leads to all this traveling in the first place) we must stand in the LONG ASS foreigners line even though I have an American passport. But wait, we are not done. After answering 50 questions at border control, and having Mr. P fingerprinted and photographed, we proceed on to grab our luggage (which often has been hauled off the conveyer belt and set on the side since we have been in the damn line so freekin long) to only stand in line again to get our rental car. Finally we are off, driving away from the airport, towards SF and the Golden Gate Bridge, where, if we are really lucky we hit commute traffic heading north towards Marin and Sonoma Counties! Usually we leave our house at 8:00am Amsterdam time, to arrive at my mother’s house (40 miles north of SF) at 6:00pm California time. This does not sound bad, except when you consider that is 3:00am Amsterdam time. All in all a trip of approximately 19 hours.

However now, since Pumpkin will be joining us on this adventure, I am DREADING the traveling bit. How am I going to survive 19 hours of traveling with a 3 month old? And to top it off we arrive the Friday or Labor Day weekend, when everyone heads north out of SF just about the same time we also will be driving north over the Golden Gate!

But it is all worth it. I can not wait to see my 87 year old grandmother holding her first great grandchild. I can’t wait to see Pumpkin with her grandparents, to introduce her to her aunts and uncle. I never imagined having a family so far away from my own. To have given birth to my daughter so far away from my mother, to not have her there to see her first granddaughter in her first hours of life. It is very hard to have gone these three months without them here, without them being able to see Pumpkin grow. I know I will survive the traveling since I am so looking forward to our arrival, to seeing my family.

The problem really is if I will survive leaving them yet again.

Shit, now I am crying…

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