Thursday, August 11, 2005


In two weeks Mr. P's parents celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary. In honor of this event us "kids" are taking them out to dinner and presenting them with a family portrait. While this sounds all nice and fun, it presents a new challenge to Mr. P and myself: babysitters.

When we were planting seeds to grow Pumpkin, we assumed that Mr. P's family would be our first resource for sitters and friends would be second (my family being a 10 hour flight away eliminates them from the running). Since giving birth to Pumpkin we have yet to really use the sitter service. Considering that all Mr. P's adult family members will be at this dinner, we had to move immediately to choice two, friends. We began with the couples with children (one whopping couple), then when they were unavailable, we moved our way through the list of friends based on proximity to our home and their relative responsibility. Although we began calling a month in advance, the date being in August proved to be a major stumbling block. It seemed everyone was traveling. Finally as the list was getting shorter and shorter, we found available sitters! I should be relieved, right?

We had them over last night for a trial run, introducing them to the bedtime routine so we do not just throw them into the deep end unaware. They seemed comfortable and I trust them with Pumpkin completely, yet I can't help but dread leaving her. In the past eleven weeks I have only left her with her father, and only then for a few hours. This is going to be much more difficult. I do not know what I imagine going wrong, but I know that the entire dinner my head will be at home.

How was the first time you left your baby with a sitter? Did you enjoy your day/night out, or spend every 10 minutes calling to check in? Any suggestions for this nervous ninny?

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